Juno Calypso


Juno Calypso is a British photographer most famous for staged images often featuring her alter ego ‘Joyce’. Her self-portraits are personal works about feminism, isolation, loneliness and being self-sufficient. Working alone, Calypso makes highly stylised photographs of herself.  


She uses her fictional alter-ego, “Joyce” - a bored, frustrated, lonely housewife of her imagination, in unfamiliar, unusual and over-the-top surroundings. as a vessel to reenacted the underlife of womanhood with satirical melodrama. Calypso’s images sear with a luminous, acidic saturation that underscores the tragically dramatic irony of her subject matter. It is a testament to her talent that these photographs, which confront the depressing asymmetry of gender relations, glow with such wry comedy.


Calypso was the winner of the The British Journal of Photography International Award, Foam Talent Award, the reGeneration3 award and the Catlin Art Prize Visitor Vote. Her work has been featured in Vogue Italia, TIME Magazine, The Guardian, i-D, Dazed and Confused, The Sunday Times, The Independent and VICE.