Terry O'Neill


Terry O’Neill is a British photographer known for his distinctive snapshot aesthetic and for his candid portraits of celebrities. His portraits of public figures - including the Rolling Stones, the Beatles, and members of the British Royal Family - were noted for their unposed, intimate nature, and O’Neill soon rose to fame in the 1960s. 


Along with Terence DonovanDavid Bailey, and Patrick Lichfield, O’Neill’s photography has been credited with defining and mythologizing the collective image of Swinging 60s London. His relationship with Faye Dunaway resulted in some of the most iconic photographs of the American actress, including a memorable series of images of Dunaway on the morning after her Best Actress Academy Award win in 1977. 


Over the years O’Neill has formed close bonds with many of his sitters, evidenced by the intimate, snapshot-style nature of many of his photographs. “I’m a reportage photographer, and I just like fading into the background,” he says “The more discrete you are the better off you are.”