Shirin Neshat


Internationally acclaimed artist Shirin Neshat takes on loaded themes in photography, film, and video works that delve into issues of gender, identity, and politics in Muslim countries, and the relationship between the personal and political. 


She has said that she hopes the viewers of her work “take away with them not some heavy political statement, but something that really touches them on the most emotional level.” Her Women of Allah series, created in the mid-1990s, introduced themes of the discrepancies of public and private identities in both Iranian and Western cultures. 


Neshat has collaborated with artist Larry Barns, taking portrait photographs of low-income Egyptian workers, including mechanics, street peddlers, teachers and housewives living under tumultuous regimes.


She currently lives and works in New York, NY. Her works are included in the collections of the Tate Gallery, MoMa New York and the Tel Aviv Museum of Art among others.