Damien Hirst


Damien Hirst is a British Conceptual artist known for his controversial take on death, beauty and found objects. Along with Liam GillickTracey Emin, and Sarah Lucas, Hirst was part of the Young British Artists movement that rose to prominence in the early 1990s. 


“I have always been aware that you have to get people listening before you can change their minds,” he reflected. “Any artist's big fear is being ignored, so if you get debate, that's great.” 


Rarely using photography a recent edition entitled Fruitful Forever provided close up details of the densely layered heavy impasto of his Cherry Blossom paintings.

Damien Hirst first came to public attention in London in 1988 when he conceived and curated "Freeze," and his work caught the eye of the collector and gallerist Charles Saatchi. In addition to his installations and sculptures, Hirst’s Spot paintings and Butterfly paintings have become universally recognized. Hirst won the coveted Turner Prize in 1995.