Miles Aldridge


Miles Aldridge is a British fashion photographer whose background in illustration, as well as his passion for film, heavily influence his work. Staged to perfection the stars of Aldridge’s surrealistic stories and technicolour dream-like worlds are glamorous, beautiful women. Their immaculate appearance and blank expression leave room for interpretation and, like a mirror for Aldridge’s works at large, hint with a touch of dark humour at the perfected façade of fashion’s glamour and the need for idealised beauty. 


His works are characterised by vivid, colours as well as Hollywood lighting and a perfectionists attention to detail. He aggressively confronts themes of religion, popular culture, and 1950s Americana through his signature brand of moody imagery and dark humour. Meticulously planning his works, Aldridge first makes a drawing organising each aspect from the exact lighting to the colour palette before photographing. Aldridge’s influences stretch from the cinematic works of Derek Jarman, David Lynch, and Federico Fellini to the styled elegance of photographers such as Richard Avedon.


Born in 1964 in London, England to famed album-cover graphic designer Alan Aldrige a well-known illustrator and a pivotal figure in the development of the psychedelic aesthetic of the 1960s. Growing up surrounded by celebrities like John Lennon and Eric Clapton, they fostered an early interest in pop culture and art. Aldridge studied illustration at Central Saint Martins in London before directing music videos for several years before and then on a career as a fashion photographer in the 1990s.


Aldridge is frequently published in internationally well-known magazines such as Vogue Italia, The New Yorker, TIME, Numéro and the New York Times, while his works are part of renowned museum collections, such as the National Portrait Gallery in London, the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, and the International Center of Photography in New York.