John Baldessari 'Selfie' Portraits

1 September - 6 October 2020


One of John Baldessari’s most recent works before his death in early 2020 were thirty self-portraits (aka “selfies”) in three editions entitled red, blue and green. Celebrities provided their own selfies which Baldessari transformed into art with his ‘color interventions’. 


Considered one of the founders of conceptual art, John Baldessari was a hugely innovative force in contemporary art. His use of appropriation, erasure, alteration, and montage to disrupt a narrative or to construct an entirely new meaning out of recombined fragments has been utilised in disparate ways in different bodies of works spanning his career. 


Baldessari remarked, “I’ll probably be most remembered for putting dots over people’s faces, so it’s funny to do an issue devoted to selfies of famous people.”


Brought together by Visionaire the self-portraits were printed in black & white on high-quality archival paper and were then altered with embossed shapes and colors created by Baldessari. 


Feuteu will be offering every image from the full set of thirty, including Marina Abramovic, Yoko Ono, Ed Rusha, James Franco and Miley Cyrus, Maurizio Cattelan and Michael Stipe.