Camera Not Required: Unconventional and cameraless photography

28 April - 28 May 2021

Feuteu is delighted to present a new exhibition Camera Not Required - a collection of artworks that are connected by alternative unconventional and cameraless photography techniques. 


Camera-less photograph, made famous in the 1920s by Man Ray (rayographs), Lazlo Moholy-Nagy, and Picasso, can be created using a variety of techniques, the most common of which are the photogram, the luminogram and the chemigram. These techniques are sometimes used in combination. 


This exhibition aims to present contemporary photographers who are using these, and other, techniques. John Stezaker & Eduardo Paolozzi take found images and create new meanings and contexts for them, Mariah Robertson manipulates chemicals and materials to produce abstract images and Sigmar Polke with rasterised details from commercial prints.


Finally we look at Thomas Ruff with his abstract Substrats series for which he did not use a camera, make a negative, or enter a darkroom. He took images of Japanese anime and manga from the netherworld of cyberspace and manipulated them into pulsing abstract color fields rendered ultimately on photographic paper by a mechanical printer.


All these artworks are available to purchase via our website. For any further details or enquiries, please email us at