Matt Henry


Matt Henry is a Brighton-based photographer who makes fictional narratives set in sixties and seventies America that focus on historical themes, genres and events of contemporary significance. The narratives comprise a sequence of photographs staged across set-builds and dressed locations, each photograph beautifully designed, composed, and executed. 


Henry's production process shares many elements with traditional film-making, including casting, location scouting, lighting/set design, props and costume, as well as the use of period hair and makeup. The work has been described as ‘stills from a movie that was never made’ and draws upon melodrama, absurdism and surrealism.


His work does not seek to emulate or comment on the medium of film-making, but rather  use the sequenced still image as a storytelling medium in its own right. Henry's tales explore his fascination with the mid-century period and feature recurring interests, including: the Sixties as unresolved political flashpoint; the counterculture, psychedelics, and social change; dream states and visions of utopia/dystopia; as well as racial and gender-based inequities. Rather than viewing this period as a static historical artefact to be seen from an objective present, Henry's fictions explore past and present by using this era as a kind of shape-shifting historical mirror. 


Henry’s work has been exhibited across Europe, Asia, and North America, as well as featuring in print in a range of publications.